[FR] On-Screen Keyboard - some useful changes

  1. On-Screen Keyboard uses only buttons from Q-i, numbers 23 567 - so other buttons are locked, esspecialy modifiers. PLS Unlock !modifiers! :smiling_imp:

  2. Use all others leters buttons:
    high octave: Q-i
    Middle Octave: A-L
    Lower Octave: Z-M

  3. Add some kind of MODES & Tonality for ex. i choose D Dorian - and all buttons will be in key

This changes very helps when working with laptop

+1 It would be nice to have some more range for sure.

Have you seen pianoteq’s on screen keyboard? It’s very nice!

(Of course limitations of standard keyboards that don’t allow some simultaneous keypresses apply)

Edit: Putting photo here
pianoteq on-screen keyboard.jpg

wow, Pianoteq have it? didn’t know about that, thanks!

btw, on-screen keyboard helps me to find/create/modify sounds in Synths

Well, it seems that extended range is already implemented!

Just open the keyboard (default Alt+K), and then press the teeny tiny dot at the bottom right to change it into a keyboard (piano keyboard). Play the bottom octave with zxcvbnm

never know about that! thanks!