FR: "one beat" conductor symbol in SMuFL

See attached image, from Steve Reich, Tehillim. In the SMuFL specification under Conductor Symbols there’s a triangle and several symbols for duple beats, but not a matching straight vertical line.

If one is beating eighths, the quarter & duple eighths should be two-eighth gestures anyway. One can minimize the up-motion/recovery, but one has to get back to a starting position for the next triple somehow.

The tempo is q=144, it’s distinguishing between long and short beats rather than marking every individual eighth note. And this is a request for a certain symbol which appears in published music, not a question about conducting technique.

The short barline U+E038 is the exact same height as the triangle glyph. I assume it could be a reasonable glyph to use here.


If you’d like to make a feature request for SMuFL, would you be so kind as to submit it at the appropriate GitHub repository?

Done, thanks!

Almost, but the other conductor symbols in Bravura have rounded stroke ends, but this barline doesn’t. Extremely nitpicky, I know…

…and it would be great if these symbols could find space in a dedicated Conductor track… (this has been discussed elsewhere, but it was just a way to make it a persistent thought…)