FR: "Open as copy"

Hello All,
I’d love it if alt-clicking in the hub window would allow the option to open a copy of a file. (Currently you can only remove a file from the recents list.) Sometimes you have everything the way you want it, and you’d like to fiddle around with an idea but not touch the original file. This would be a nice way to do that without having to duplicate files manually. Just a thought. Obviously not high-priority since you can do this manually.

As an afterthought, I suppose the ability to save/restore “versions/snapshots” might circumvent the need for this.

Or you could just open it and immediately do Save As?

Good ol’ Ctrl-Shift-S. It’s practically instinct for me by this point.

Yes of course to you both. As I said in the op, just a suggestion as there are (obviously) workarounds. I like it when there’s more than one way to skin a cat, especially if that other way can speed up a workflow.

On mac, you can always select your template file, press cmd + I and click on the tickbox “Template”. Everytime you open it, it will make a copy and open it, instead of opening the original.