FR: Option for chord symbol root to be restated at beginning of system

When writing lead sheets, I have the option turned on to hide the root on subsequent inversion chord symbols. But if that inverted chord is at or near the beginning of a new system, I like to restate the root for the player’s benefit.


Obviously I can do these manually, but they’re dependent on casting off. I’d like to request an option that always displays the root for the first chord symbol in a system. Thanks!


I’d love to see more than just a root option, but a complete restating of a chord at the beginning of a system option, available for both parts and scores. After I’m done casting off, I always have to go back and proof for situations like this, where a chord might fall on the & of 4 and the chord needs to be restated on the next page.

Obviously the second Am9 is unnecessary if these bars were in the same system, but the new system/page makes it necessary. Sometimes that will need to be in the part too, which makes it easy to not worry about hiding it, but other times it won’t just depending how the score is cast off. An option to automatically restate the entire chord and/or root at the beginning of a system would be a welcome feature.


+1 for an option to restate the chord at the beginning of a system. I’ve seen this done in some Japanese editions, too.

I think it’s pretty standard practice virtually everywhere. I’m not sure any other notation software automates this, but it is pretty universal. Here’s a page from the Clinton Roemer book showing this:

Since the chord doesn’t change between bars 3 and 4, it wouldn’t need to be restated if these bars were on the same system, but he restates it here due to the new system. Each of the two systems below it follow this same rule.

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I requested this a while ago. The team said it would be difficult to implement, but would still consider it.


Dan, how do you do this manually? I just ran into this today, and I can’t figure out how to make it show based on the options provided in the properties panel.

Edit: never mind. I see that activating the unticked “hide root and quality” option is what does it. (This is a very confusing way to reverse engineer the desired outcome for someone who hasn’t done this before.)