FR : Option : hitpoints transfer when bouncing audio

Hi, it would really save me a lot of time if the detected / edited hitpoints could follow / transfer when bouncing a selection of clips to a new file.

Example, I’m using hitpoints for mutlitrack drum quantizing :

  • I spend quite sometime correcting the automatic hitpoint detection - that is very far from accurate - on Kick, Snare, Toms…
  • Once everything is Sliced/Quantized/Crossfaded, I end up with hundreds of events that still all have the correct hitpoints
  • I want to bounce my audio to one continuous file for each track because, Nuendo gets very “laggy” with too many events/fades
  • As soon as I bounce and replace my audio, if I want to use the hitpoints for sound replacing/reinforcement, i have to go through all of the hitpoint detection/editing as an extra step.

This is just one example, as I extensively use hitpoints for a wide variety of tasks.

If anyone has a workaround, I’d love to hear about it as I haven’t been able to find one yet…




Did anyone ever come up with an efficient way to do this? I find myself doing this a lot as well so I went out searching for an easier way but it seems like there may not be one at the time.