[FR] Option to mimic Upper and Lower Tool/Transport Bar

Why is it that I have to choose my tools in the upper Tool Bar, and have to edit my tempo in the lower Transport Bar?
I’m afraid I can’t see the added value of the Lower Transport Bar?
It would come in very handy to be able to use the Lower Transport Bar’s “Info panes” in the Upper Toolbar (and vice-versa). So please, implement an option to give both the upper Tool Bar and the lower Tranport Bar the same “info panes”…

Niek/ Amsterdam

I posted about this as well


Agreed, from a usability perspective transport, timecode, tempo and the like are commonly found at the top of DAWs. Having the option to place all of that at the top of the window should be there, if people wish. The idea to place things like this in a granular or piecemeal way is good as well, given that space up top is a premium with all the other Steinberg specific tools that normally appear there.