FR: option to remove overlap for MIDI recording

I use midi recording pretty frequently to compose and arrange in Dorico.

One option that would make my recordings immediately a lot cleaner is a legato option: essentially “remove overlap” in real time. So if notes were pressed at the same time, you could get chords, but not overlaps with excessive ties.

I think this would make a huge difference in the ease of converting real-time recording to finished score. Thanks.

I think we do have a function for this, in the Edit or Write menus - I can’t remember what it’s called though, but if you look through the menu items that talk about setting note lengths I think you should find it.

Yeah, there is in the > write menu under > edit durations the command > shorten to next note (as Paul wrote).
But if I understand you correctly, you want this happening real-time in the process of recording.
If so, I’m with you there.

How… did I miss this…?? :exploding_head: :pensive:

Apologies for the noise!

I thought I’d check this because I’ve added quite a few extra keywords to the metadata to make the relevant manual topic easier to find - it’s the top result when you search “remove overlaps” which I’m very pleased with. Good to know it’s working!

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I didn’t even know about it until Daniel told me!