FR or WR: Make clef change in lower player of condensed staff display

Hello Dorico experts!

The passage of the Horn 4 in C looks like this:

Because Dorico only picks the clef of the upper player in condensed music, the passage becomes notated in treble clef, looking like this:

As far as I can see, I can only bring the clef changes back into the full score by also putting them into Horn 3 in C, but then those clef changes will of course also show up in that layout and break the multibar rest for no good reason, like this:
Screenshot 2022-08-23 180524 Dorico clef change in condensed music 3

My questions are the following:

  1. Everyone: is it possible to have the clef changes of Horn 4 present in the condensed staff containing Horn 3 and Horn 4 without also having them present in Horn 3, either natively or by workaround?
  2. Dorico team: if no, would you consider making 1. possible, either by enabling the user to hide clef changes on a per layout basis without breaking multibar rests if hidden, making it possible to pick which player sets the clef in condensed staves, improving the automatic clef picking behavior or otherwise?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Luckily, I found a quite peculiar workaround that only works in certain circumstances, namely if the full score contains multirest breaking objects for Horn 3 at the same page as the beginning of the passage, and at the same page as – or the first bar of the page after – the end of the passage. The workaround is presented in the following image:

However, the question remains: am I crossing the creek for water because there is a simpler solution out there looking at me right in the face?

There is a settings in the Properties Panel to only show the clef change in Concert Pitch (Show for transposition) but that only works if you’re using a concert pitch score.

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Yes, that is correct. I am however creating a transposing score and the Horn in C transposes an octave down. :frowning:

Since the 3rd horn has no music there, would a temporary Condensing Change to put the 3rd horn with the 1st and 2nd be acceptable?

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I realize that that is possible, but in this case, I want a consistent setup of the staves.

Understood :slight_smile:

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