[FR] Packaging All Settings and Preferences

Every once in a while, a new computer has to be set up from scratch. It’s frustrating to hunt down all the various preference files in different directories. This costs so much time doing this for each software after a clean install. I’m literally busy 3 days in a row after I set up a new computer, just to install all software, patches, copy protection, libraries and especially hunt down settings or re-create them if I can’t find them.

**Suggestion:**It would be nice if Nuendo would have a function of either saving all its user preset in the user’s document folder somewhere, as more and more software got around to do. This way, it’s backed up and always there. Just copy it over to the new machine and the new Nuendo will again look for all settings in the user’s document folder.
Or have some function of consolidating and zipping all config files. So when a new install comes along, just point a setting importer function to that zip file and every color, every tool setting, every preference is back how it was.
I know it’s not sexy, I know users only do this once every few years, but this one time is so annoying and such a function would go a long way.

(I had this request in a monolithic request post but I realized nobody could comment sensibly in any way so I broke it out. Maybe I’ll see that way what makes sense and people +1 and what doesn’t make sense. Sorry for the hassle.)

Yep. You have support on this one, going back at least a year… (here)

Why don’t you just copy the User data folder to your new computer?


For the same reason you do a clean install once in a while. To get rid of things that accumulated over the time, slow your system down. To question all the dozens of tools that you downloaded and installed and actually don’t need anymore. I always take this opportunity to only install what I really really need and use. Get rid of things that might slow down my system.

So I’m picky about what I transfer over. And if I don’t take everything over, I need to hunt for the things I want individually. And everything making this process easier is welcome. Saving all user data and prefs in a profile that’s easily exportable, or saving it all in the user’s document folder so I can just copy my home folder would be great. On the Mac, many settings are in multiple hidden settings and prefs folders, which is annoying.

@MattiasNYC, thanks for the reference!

Ah, I see. On Windows it is all in one folder, so I back it up regularly and when installing on a new machine, I just copy the whole User Data folder over.