FR: parameter to control accidental bracket spacing relative to notehead

I know we can control how the brackets are spaced on either side of a cautionary or editorial accidental, and we can control the amount of general space between a regular accidental and a notehead. That said, there doesn’t seem an option to control the amount of space between the right-side bracket or parenthesis and the notehead.

I’m working on a project that requires a few cautionary accidentals in round brackets, and the parentheses are just too close to the notehead, requiring increasing the generic spacing of regular accidentals which I do not want. The ‘)’ seems to fill the default gap between the accidental and the notehead, rather than forcing the spacing to be adjusted. This results in the ) being uncomfortably close to the notehead.


The closing parenthesis is positioned relative to the notehead using the appropriate ‘Gap to right of rightmost accidental, if a flat/sharp/natural’ option, with the accidental itself then forced leftwards. The closing parenthesis should only really be uncomfortably close to the notehead, I’d say, if the accidental itself would also be uncomfortably close to the notehead.

I’ll go looking for that setting. Thank you. Weirdly, things looked fine without the (), it was only after I added them that they looked odd to my eye. Perhaps it was something to do with the shape of the ) vs the shape of the accidental itself. I also admit that I had condensed things a hair from default to make spacing fit a little better. At any rate, thanks, as always, for your response!