[FR] "play 2nd (last) time"

Dear team,

after having a small conversation with Lillie in the facebook group as well as checking threads in this forum, I haven’t found an playback option to play a repeat section as the second or last time.
When checking transitions in 2nd brackets or out of repeat sections, for now the only possible way to do so is to either listen to the whole repeat section again, or create a temporary repeat start closer to the repeat end, so the repeated section is very short.

(Please, if I missed something, I would be very happy to be pointed at it!)

Thanks for considering!

You can press P to playback from the selected note.

Yes, but if I press P from shortly before the first bracket, I have no way to indicate Dorico to jump into the second bracket, right? For me, it goes to bracket one and then back to the start of the repeat.
I’d like something like: press P to start from the selected note, press alt-P to start from the selected note as if it was the 2nd (or last time) of the repeat section. (to then directly jump out of the repeat section or into a second bracket if it exists)

But you can at least press P to play the 2nd time bars.

Yes, this is of course true. In my case, I wanted to check how the transition into the second bracket sounds like, which seems like is currently not possible :frowning:

It’s a known limitation, and I’m sure it’s on the list.

I fairly hope so. I was surprised it didn’t really come up yet a lot.

Will selecting the last note of the first ending and pressing P suffice?


It will still jump back to the beginning of the repetition, which in my case is over a minute long. Not very handy when one wants to check the transition, make small changes, check again and adjust the changes etc. etc. until satisfied.

But you provide a nice example. I want the possibility to select the c before the repetition and have the playback continue to the e half notes. Simple as that. I have no problem with this behaviour being triggered by a separate function, which I could assign alt-P to. I would even embrace this kind of implementation.

(and to emphasize: in my case, it’s not one bar before the first bracket, but 30-40 bars, which is timeconsuming to go through every time just to see if the transition in the second bracket works out.)

Go to Play / Playback Options / Repeats.

I don’t think you can assign a shortcut to the “play repeats” button, but you can leave the dialog box open so you can toggle “Play repeats” with two clicks (change the button, then Apply)

Hello, for me a useable workaround is to go to the Transport-Window in write mode. There change the starting time (you can even use the bar window). Remember the time before the second ending. Now you can fast “jump” (count up) to the starting time by using the “+” or "-"buttons on the number keyboard to increase or decrease starting time (long hold counts fast up).
For exmaple, the second ending starts at 1 minute 59, go to 1 minute 58 (use the “+”-button to do so) and press play. Unfortanetly by now you can’t insert the starting time with numbers.

thanks! that sounds like a good solution for now. I’ll give it a try.