FR : Please add Track Versions to Marker tracks

I use marker tracks while tracking to add “tracking notes” ie: to add markers on the fly for future editing needs, to spot a cool fill, or a possible problem heard in the sound at a specific time…you name it, saves a lot of trees :wink:

I track multiple takes using track versions and ATM I have to create and correctly name a dedicated marker track for every track version…time consuming and screen consuming :wink:

Just the way I like the track versions available on tempo and signature tracks - great for recording multiple takes at different tempos - and even greater when not recording to a click track but knowing that I’ll make tempo maps out of the different takes I might comp later,
I’d like to have my “tracking notes” Marker track in my tracking folder with “group editing” activated and follow the other tracks “track version” wise.


I agree for different use cases.
I have even hit the 32 marker track limit a few times.
Using a track version for markers I want to be able to remove stuff i have completed, but where having them hidden on the actual track on a alternate track version to be able to check as a reminder after the note has been dealt with.

“Tracking notes” is the key issue! I’d love to use kind of " Post-its" that stick on events or different takes/parts/comped lanes. That would help being organized during the comping process a lot.

By the way…why is it still not possible to write directly into a marker field…(PITA) :wink:

Another feature I’m looking for is to be able to lock “already comped” parts in different lanes of a track but be able to record a new lane/take on top. That way the current/favorite choice of parts doesn’t get lost!

You have to mean something that i do not understand…

You can’t rename files or descriptions directly on the events either. Why should markers be different?

To me it works fine to do it in the info one or marker window.



Up :wink: