[FR] Please bring back fast project saving

I am going out of my flipping mind lately. My projects are taking at least 7 seconds to save and it is really starting to get to me.

What happened to N5 and Cubase 5.5? Could Steinberg explain why it takes so long in these versions where in the earlier versions, saves went fast?

7 secs to save? I’m working with LARGE projects and I use to save all time (in fact, I have the autosave option to 30 secs) and. i’ve never had any problem with that. Everything is done in background by the OS due the file system cache.

So, your system doesn’t freeze?

This all began here with going to cubase 5.5 and Nuendo 5. I have 2 systems that do the same thing. In fact, I built the new system (1 of the 2 mentioned here) in hopes of correcting the problem and it did not.

There is a thread here about this issue.

Nope, it’s almost instant.

oh… You are Mac. Thats probably why.

Again, we see it was not a cool idea by SB to merge the Mac and PC forum. That really did not help keeping platform specific problems in their own category. At least we kept the german forum no one is using and lost the rights to post in the Cubase forum. Too bad…

(sorry for the Off Topic, go ahead…)

10 sec save? You lucky bas… I’ve seen 5-10 MIN! when working on a server. It’s driving us all mad, my IT man has looked at it a million times, I’ve tried every trick in the book but nothing helps. It’s been there since Nuendo3 I think and on 3 different systems so I can’t see what we’re doing wrong.

Working locally helps a lot but when the project gets bigger (last one was a feature film at 150 MB) it takes a couple of minutes as well.

hi alex

what os is your server running? i’m sure steven ghouti has mentioned in the past that his slow saving times were solved by upgrading the server from windows server 2003 to server 2008.

Hi Max, thanks, that’s interesting, I’ll ask my IT man to look into it, I think we’re running the 2003 version.