[FR]: Please give us an option to select grace notes along with regular notes

Hi team,

very often I need to edit fingerings, and would love to have a option somewhere to treat grace notes as regular notes with respect to filtering and selection.
E.g., in order to hide fingerings from a selected passage, I need to first find any grace notes, then deselect before I can remove the fingerings. And then I have to do it again just for the grace notes…

Thanks for considering,

When you say “hide fingerings”, do you mean remove fingerings from the notes entirely? There’s a menu option that will do that on all selected notes.

You probably already know that fingering can be hidden/shown globally in a layout as well, e.g. if you don’t want them in the score but do want them in the part.

Hey Lillie!

So your first hint will remove fingerings on selected grace notes and normal notes alike? If so, this will do what I need, thx!!!

EDIT: Sorry Lillie, it was easy enough to try… works! :smiling_face: