FR - please rework notation software

to something that resembles Sibelious now residing within Avid Pro tools - :confused:

Score editor is horrible IMO
Clunky workflow and unprofessional score layout…

Too bad as Nuendo is so strong in most other areas, both audio and midi (vstexp etc.)


I abandoned the scoring feature years ago. I didn’t want to, but it just is not up to par with other notation software. It would take a major re-write for me to even consider using it.

I feel asking Steinberg to bring the score editor into the 21st might be asking too much at this point. For score composing, typesetting and printing needs, they’ve been completely outclassed by the competing products.

However, I don’t need it for such things: I need it for editing and arranging. I need a zooming single-line mode. I need an inline score in the arrange window. And I need a better GUI with faster access to relevant parameters to improve clarity and visibility. Single score-staff that doesn’t zoom? Ridiculous! How much more resolution will my screen have to get to the point where I can’t read the notes on the single-staff score editor and something will have to be done? I’ve been asking for this for 5 iterations.

But in the grand scheme of things, if Steinberg can’t even cope with the outstanding usability issues of their software, there’s no doubt in my mind that the score editor is way down in the list of priorities. While it wouldn’t take much to improve score editing usability, there’s a lot of other things that “wouldn’t take too much energy” and just aren’t getting done. Sad, sad, sad…