[FR] Poll: What users want Steinberg to work on, generally.

Which of these should Steinberg work on most for Cubase right now?

  • 1. Functionality/GUI/workflow improvements
  • 2. Stability
  • 3. Brand new VST plugins and instruments/brand new features

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I voted 1 but my vision of that would entail a bit of 3 as well… eg. completely overhauled channel metering, in-channel routing (splitting mults for parallel processing), improved folder/group channel facilities etc. Seems quite stable to me, though, on Mac & Win.

Better Ui allows to dock windows and full drag and drop.

I voted for option1 1 but would like to see option 2 combined, Frequently lots of boxes popping up saying “CPU overload and audio dropout” since update to 8.0.20. Though according to the resource monitor there are none! This was a unknown issue in the previous version!

Amen to this. Bring Cubase the rest of the way towards a unified window system and get rid of the silly floating transport…

#1 Definitely the GUI.

Stability would be on next.
New stuff? Not until the other two are sorted.

#1 the poll % will probably mimic the things most posted here in the feature request section.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I voted for 2. Don’t get me wrong, CP8 is largely working very well for me. I have Pro Tools 11 too (only for compatibility when working with other studios/musicians) and I barely touch it. However, Cubase will often have little bugs (some significant, some not so) and they can derail your workflow and (depending) cause you to delay a deadline.

That said the GUI could use some improvements for flexibility. For example I’d love to see skins to customize the work environments. (Samplitude has had this for years). Another improvement would be tabs for different arrangements within the project window. Digital Performer has this feature as well as Adobe Premiere.

However, while improved GUI features are great, in my view, any latent bug that screws with the creative workflow is a major problem.

I went for functionality, since I have to assume that its a given that the program will either naturally become more stable, or some external factor (OS) would prevent or add variables to stability anyways.

I am able to work in the program, that is something I just have to ensure on my own, I do have some control over it.

I would like Steinberg to improve things like automation lanes, mixer undos, adding insert, more flexible routing/freedom to macro, configurable/personalizable midi editors, etc.

I haven’t lent my ‘sage opinion’ to this because:

a) It’s kinda broad

b) I now feel that praying to SB is like praying to God… except that God actually hears prayers.

But with a gun to me head, obviously 1). The truth is that, since The Great Meltdown Of 2003ish, Cubase has been either pretty stable or VERY stable, despite the screams. It used to be that you couldn’t trust a release until at LEAST 3 months after .0. Now? The last few .0s have been quite good.

What has either had an arrested development or straight gone down the pan is MIDI, GUI and Workflow. The focus has been on ‘Engineers’ and ‘Mixers’… everything to do with -Audio- and toys for ‘Producers’ (cough). OK, enough already. The feature set is as sexy as it wants to be. Now
a) Let’s get some stuff for people like me who COMPOSE notes for a living.
b) For the love of Wotan, make the GUI STANDARDS COMPLIANT. We all know what is wrong with the GUI. Just make it work like people expect modern OS/Web 2.0 UX to work.

I imagine they have various teams that focus on different aspects of the program, each team likely does prioritize individually, but as with all things, everything has its own time table, based on how complex. Anything they add as a feature has compromises efficiency or has some sort of inter-relevance to the overall program, so I am not sure its as easy as which improvement they should actually give us first, second or third.

I voted #2.
Not like they need me to tell them this cos they’ve done well with stability, from my standpoint, so far. But, last thing I’d want to see are new things that don’t work well.

I don’t want “Brand new VST plugins” there is so many of them on market, but improvement in the midi tool such as lfo, step designer, echo with some modulation feature would be nice.
Midi area have some third compagny but not so many compare to vst instruments.

I don’t see the differnce between functionality and new features (probably my english :wink: ), but i’d like to see some kind of internal plug-in chainner like Studio One made for their daw, third compagny can’t offer the same stability as an internal tool for that kind of heavy stuff.

I would have vote 1 but my personnal feeling on midi tools especially the “old” and basic one is that they should need more attention from Steinberg.

Actually 1 n 2 ws

export QuickTime videos and maximize Cubase for Film Scoring

Want a full touch console…



Well I dreaming about Cubase one window workflow (for an option ofcourse) about years. Transport bar docked or non on the bottom of the screen. MediaBay and full drag’n’drop - why I can’t drag my plugins, presets to mixer or tracks ? Why I can’t drag and drop my saved selected tracks archives to open project from MediaBay ? Docked rack on the right side of the screen is really great idea. But what if there will be more tabs - VST instruments, VST effects, sounds, loops, pool, etc. ? Please Steinberg…

Voted 2 & 1 second, agree with video export and film scoring tools but My guess is that we are the minority user pool.

I expressed my preference about functionalities of Cubase, in particular because I’d like Steinberg to implement a few features of which I will make a list here below:

  • 64 stereo/128 mono Audio Buss software, to send audio signal of tracks, toward other tracks, groups, etc… and anywhere in the project, like on Pro Tools.

  • Implement the Aux Input Tracks, just called in this way, to send or receive the audio signal everywhere, create group tracks, making everything only with an only type of track, like Pro Tools.

  • Playlists management identical to the one of Pro Tools with the +1 color function for each take is recorded, both for midi, instrument and audio tracks.

What do you think about these new features to implement?