[FR] Preference to reverse horizontal scroll

I use SHIFT+wheel for horzontal scrolling all the time. Lately I’ve been working on PT more and more offsite and my brain is starting to get rewired. I have already mod’d a lot of my keys to go along with PT tasks but I’m getting crossed up on horizontal scroll… since they go in opposite directions in each platform.

Does anyone have any solutions for this?

I’m on a PC and just spent the day getting rid of a poorly programmed driver from kensington and now I’m using a free driver called X-Mouse… This will give you back the program specific functionality we used to have with kensington mouseworks and runs natively on 64bit systems. Unfortunately, inverting scroll directions will also effect UP and DOWN also.

What do you think?

This is one of my main gripes when swapping back and forth between Sibelius and Nuendo. Unfortunately the only solution I’ve found is to mutter continuously under my breath. :frowning: