[FR] prepare archive without needing to find missing files first

please this would be a huge time saver as at times I need to prepare an archive folder of a project and there may still be a few missing files ( which BTW seems to happen here and there with DCP processed files not sure why yet.)

ALSO please a faster way to locate missing files in the pool. Maybe a select missing files so we can quickly see and locate them, or when align by USER the question mark would appear on top. If we can remove all missing files easily, i;m sure this might be easy to implement.



I think I’m inclined to disagree on this one. I would expect an archive to be filled with all that is needed for a project to function. Missing files seem to be a potential problem and giving the option to exclude them seems like it would open up the possibility for a lot of users to think they’ve created a self-sustained fully working archived project when in fact they might not have.

I’d expect a fair amount of users screwing this up and then complaining about it.

Wouldn’t it be better to just make “locating” easier/faster?

Thanks for your reply Mattias. Agreed for the "archiving purposes’ this can lead to potential errors. However than it would be great to have another feature that would help localize a project to a specific folder even if some files are missing - really the only reason this is happening is on account of the software not recognizing DCP edits or something as I would not have a project missing files in general. This mostly useful if audio files have been pulled in and may be referencing from an external source. But for me mostly that’s with video files. Since i’m dealing often with multiple small video clips it would be very useful like with the prepare archive feature to localize everything and than would pull all the video files into a neat folder called video, or gives us the option at least to also copy the video file into our local folder when we drag them in. I believe the days of video’s needing to run on separate partition or other machines aren’t as needed and this can help with organization.