FR: PreRoll only when record!

Title says it all.

“Pre Roll only when record”

It´s great vor Voice Overs etc.

Would like to have a checkbox for this e.g.



I would like this option too.


I would like to pre-roll to put recording in a context and prepare. Not pre-roll for just playing.



Definitely. Why would you even want pre roll with ordinary playback?


I have to use a not ideal custom macro to compensate for this missing feature.

Here is the macro (not ideal but it works if pre-roll is set to off):

-Transport - Use Pre-roll
-Transport - Record
-Transport - Use Pre-roll

This toggles the pre-roll so it must be set to OFF.

a Pre-roll ON and pre-roll OFF in the Key Commands would be much better too. Toggling brings too many inconsistencies when using Key Commands.

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