[FR?] Printed Manual

… since nobody made it a topic.

I cannot bring my computer into the bathroom with me. I mean, I could, but…

Nuendo should have a printed manual.


With N6, in some respects, we are all new users!

There’s always the possibility of printing out the entire pdf… to which I say, I’d really rather not. There ought to be a manual you can actually read.


+1 for printed manual. I hate all this PDF only cr*p.


Nuendo is not cheap - the price should include a printed manual.

Sorry to say that, but I don’t need printed manual. Most new things are easy and the learning curve is very low (espesially the new mixer). For complicated things like vari audio, there are enough videos on youtube (ok, for cubase). I would say anyway, it’s better SB make more learning videos. The most people have a fast Inet, so a video is like a teacher in a real world training.

Have buy Edius resently (Videoediting) and all the new things in this software, I have learned per youtube and vimeo.
On my left Monitor Edius, on the right monitor the videos in 1080p ;o) and then work/learn parallel. Only for key shortcuts pdf was needed …

I don’t know guys, I totally see the argument that we’re dealing with a not cheap product. I also think printed manuals are very useful and look nice.

Personally though I can read it on my phone or tablet (yes, even in the bathroom).

But the thing that weighs the heaviest for me is nature. If we don’t have to print yet another manual that’s going to end up NOT recycled but in a landfill somewhere in a lot of cases then I’m all for it.

This is so funny …
For years and years, we had long debates, flaming wars and polls advocating pdf manuals.
And now …

For the record, I also prefer printed manuals …


My flight was cancelled yesterday at Manchester Airport so I had four hours to kill (thanks FlyBe). Went to Dixons and bought a Nexus-7 Android tablet. The guy in the store set it all up and downloaded and installed all the Nuendo-6 pdf documention.

I have to say that it is great to have it all so readily available with search facilities and all the hyperlinks - much better than a heavy paper manual. As all the data is backed up to the Cloud (or re-downloadable from Steinberg), if I were to drop the tablet into the bath it would not be the end of the world, but if the paper manual was dropped in it would be game over!


thanks for your comments. After internal discussion whether it should be printed or not, decision was made NOT to print the manual. While I admit that the “paper feeling” might be an advantage, the number of pages usually grows from release to release. Multiplied with the number of Nuendo copies shipped, it would result in a two-digit million pages production, which is not acceptable anymore from a nature conversation point of view in 2013. Additionally, the product boxes can be produced in smaller size, reducing costs and again saving paper.

On the other side, we’re getting feedback that an increasing number of Nuendo users are using the search functions in order to get the respective chapter/topic clearly faster than reading through the table of contents.

In addition, we have started doing more on the video side. Those who’d like to have a rundown of the main new features in detail,I can recommend our 90 minute Nuendo 6 tutorial videos, that can be found on YouTube or can be accessed via our product pages NUENDO 6 Tutorials. Also, there are (and will be) more Nuendo-specific hands-on videos available online from 3rd parties.

Thanks of reading,

I did the same a couple of days ago. Bought a 32gb Nexus 7 and put all my manuals & tutorials in the free cloud (3gb on Dropbox + 25gb on Skydrive + 100 Gb on Mega). I added a swivel cover/stand so I can have the tablet in portrait mode for convenient manual reading. Fantastic solution for an evolutive manual (every new version won’t have to be re-printed). And I have my work calendar, music on the go, video and music production demos to show off and so on.
The only thing that I miss with the download version is the Nuendo Box on the bookshelf.It helps justify studio prices for cheapos musos… :smiley:

I’ve got plenty of old Steinberg boxes you can have if it’ll help :laughing:

Thanks Chris ! I’ll take Nuendo’s first box to complete my russian doll steiny collection… :smiley:
Seeing how they shrunk through the times, the box of nuendo 6 must be the size of a cigarette pack !

Have a wonderful day.


Use recycled paper, sell it as a separate product.

It makes it feel like a professional product to have professional documentation…it’s like CD vs MP3 download…

Having a manual makes it fun to get to know the new features, PDF’s are just annoying and useful for a quick look up.

My basement is full of obsolete manuals and boxes of software. I had a bunch of Cd and DVDs of obsolete versions.
This is a waste… Clearly.

I put all my needed PDFs on the tablet and I think it’s a real gain
Even in the bathroom.

Then… The question is:

Do you prefer than Steinberg use his human and financial resources to print a paper manual in place of improve his Software?

They took the right choice. End of debate.

Well, that’s not very reasonable, is it? And you’ve apparently missed the point of this thread. You may not want a manual. Many of us would like at least the option of one. I would. How you deal with your basement is your concern! :laughing: