FR: Prominent entry cue

In my current project, I need to cue prominent entries instead of the actual melody. This is recommend by Gould in Behind Bars, pg. 567–568 when the only material available to cue is repeated, as repeated patterns do not make good cues. The entry is labelled under the bar in which the instrument enters. The exact notation I need is shown in the attached picture.

There is no way to do this natively as the text will appear in both the score and parts instead of just the parts. I currently have to use workarounds. A native solution to this would be a good addition to the already existing (and quite impressive) cue features.

I would like to see some sort of option to support word cues too, as I use them fairly often. I’m not sure what workaround you are using ChuckDimeCliff, but I’ve just been inputting them with Shift-X text, positioning them correctly in the score, Propagating Properties to the parts, then going back to the score and changing the Alpha channel for all word cues to 0. This is one of the rare times I’m glad the settings don’t automatically propagate, as it’s easy to have it appear in the parts, but be invisible in the score. Some sort of way to add word cues without this extra step would definitely be preferred though.

+1. Not only for repetitive music, but also because they are much more space-efficient.

For me, even better than word cues would be the ability to have any text that appears only in parts, or conversely in score (this has probably come up before). I have a chamber piece I’m finishing now where all the string players need the same instructions in their parts, but in the score the instruction only needs to appear once, above violin 1.

Wouldn’t that be system text?

Not when it doesn’t apply to the woodwinds.

You’re right, I mistakenly read ‘chamber piece’ as ‘string quartet’. No doubt about my personal preoccupation :wink:

I did the exact same thing, lol.