FR: "Propagate part formatting" granularity

Currently, Propagate Part Formatting is a very black-and-white operation. All breaks are made explicit and set to wait for each other. Sometimes, however, I only want to make the pagination uniform, while letting the music flow naturally within that. This then requires a lot of deleting explicit system breaks and unticking the Wait for next… properties. Therefore, I think the following options would be useful:

  • Propagate only Frame Breaks
  • Propagate only explicit Frame & System Breaks, together with any of their properties
  • Propagate Page Overrides, Page Template Changes etc.
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Just in case you’re in need of a workaround, I quite frequently Duplicate Part Layout, assign the next player and unassign the original player. This basically achieves your second and third bullet points in one go.


I honestly find “propagate part formatting” pretty pointless for all the reasons you mentioned so basically never use it. Your first point isn’t that hard to achieve though. Lay out one part with the Frame Breaks you want including adding an unnecessary Frame Break in the first bar, switch to Write, Select All, Filter/Frame Breaks, navigate to the next part and Alt-click your Frame Breaks into the part. (This is why I add one in the 1st bar, so I can just Alt-click in it in 1st bar of the the next part.) I usually do this more with System Breaks than Frame Breaks but works the same either way.


Thanks for these workarounds, I guess then it’s more of a QoL thing to have them all in the place one would expect them.