FR: Propagate Part Formatting: Specify Flows

Apologies first if this has been requested elsewhere.

Now that the long-awaited, glorious, work-flow revolutionising (personally speaking) ‘Separate File For Each Flow’ option exists in Print > Graphics, one is able to keep whole sets of music (ie a certain band’s ‘pad’) in a single project, even if there are changes to be made and re-exports to be done to specific Flows.

However - one issue this creates is in Layout adjustment.

Say for example one adds a new flow to a project after tweaking all of the layouts of the existing flows (with inevitable differences across each Layout): You would then make the adjustments required to the first Layout of the new Flow, but if you want to Propagate that to further Layouts (very likely if they contain similar music), you would immediately overwrite any manual adjustments that have previously been made to the other Flows in the project. The only alternative seemingly being to have to re-do adjustments in each new Layout manually from that point onwards.

Therefore what would be really welcome is an option, similar to the ‘Choose…’ box in Print > Graphics > Print Range, where one can choose whether to propagate to All Flows (as it functions now), or specific flows.

So the Propagate Part Formatting dialogue box could potentially contain three columns:

  • Copy formatting from:
  • Propagate formatting to:
  • Flows to propagate formatting to
    (with Select All / Select None / Invert Selection buttons)

Further apologies for the long-windedness. I’d love to hear if this was a possibility anyway. (It does feel like there haven’t been any real changes to the Propagate Part Formatting dialogue in recent times, so I hope it’s something that may be getting developed for future releases?)

Are you talking about manual page layout changes to the Layout, that you want to propagate to other Layouts?

Wouldn’t you use a Page Template?

If you give a more specific example of what changes you’re making, then maybe there’s a better method.

I’m mainly talking about System/Frame formatting. Specific for each Layout, in each Flow. The Page Templates remain the same.

I do a lot of horn section charts, so for example, Trumpet/Sax/Trombone might all have basically need same system formatting, so I’d adjust as required, then propagate from the trumpet part. But then maybe there’s a sax solo that makes that Layout slightly different so I’d adjust that afterwards.

If I subsequently added another Flow and then Propagated the trumpet part system formatting, it would over-ride the adjustments I’d made in previous flows, which doesn’t work for having a single master file of parts which can be constantly amended/updated/re-exported.

Does that make sense?

I know it’s not what you are asking for, but usually in such cases I copy the appropriate Layout Break signposts and – reasonably quickly – paste them into the relevant layouts. It’s certainly not one-click-and-done, but it does take care of the job.

Ah, interesting - thank you. That does represent a workaround I hadn’t been using. (I just noticed it only works in Write mode, which is maybe why it hadn’t been immediately obvious to me previously).

You could just create your new flow in a separate file, sort out the formatting, then import that flow into your master file.

Yes, that’s also a workaround for new flows - thank you. It still creates an issue if I subsequently want to make any structural changes after it’s part of the main project.

It’s not an enormous issue admittedly, and the Signpost copying mehtod from @Alexander_Ploetz definitely helps. But I did think that the Progagate Part Formatting system could be developed a bit further. Hence the feature request!