[FR] Proper Scrub tool

A proper Scrub tool is desperately need in WLE (maybe in WL aswell).

What is falsely labeled as Playback Scrubbing in the manual, has nothing whatsoever to do with scrubbing. Scrubbing means playing backwards and forwards at a user-defined speed. What the WaveLab calls Scrubbing is actually Playback Restart! Take a look at Cubase’s Scrub Tool for a lesson in how scrubbing works.

It’s amazing that such a basic feature has been left out of WLE.

“Jog and shuttle”, the proper name, has been so far reserved to WaveLab.

Well, all of my engineer friends call it “Scrubbing” and so does your colleagues over at the Cubase department. What the WaveLab manual calls scrubbing is something completely different.

How you can leave such a basic feature out of WLE is incomprehensible! Well, I guess we should be happy as long as we get a play button. A scrub tool is such a basic feature of wave editing that it usually included with run-of-the-mill freeware wave-editors. So claiming that this belong in the full WaveLab only is ridiculous.

WLE is a total mess, that customers should be warned to stay as far away from as possible. You lie about it’s functions. You mislabel functions. You leave out basic functions. Not to mention the plug-in handling which a total mess with no way to sort out!

Does that sound like the behavior of a company you would trust to buy products from, PG?