FR: Provide ability to specify speed of grace notes on an individual basis

There are several topics currently about limitations and problems with grace note timing. The request is to have the duration of a grace note, or set of grace notes (think of long runs like Chopin) settable as a property of the note/s, not only limited to a global setting of one fixed value.

Consider that grace notes are part of what make music expressive, beautiful, and soulful and are a very subtle part of musical performance for music of all periods and styles. With fixed length graces based on q=120 (EDM? - no disrespect, I love EDM) it is no wonder people say audio output can be mechanical or robotic.

At the very least could we make setting a tempo for a run of graces work properly? It provably does not or is broken in some way - see my other posts on this matter.

Is this topic that different from the other threads that you’ve mentioned?

It’s a formal feature request with tag, not just a comment. I thought this is how we submit feature requests.

If inappropriate please delete.

You don’t need to create new threads to make feature requests. I (and some other members of the team) read every single post on this forum, even if I do not reply to every thread. You can be sure that if a feature request appears in a thread, if it’s not already on our backlog (which contains thousands of items), it will be added.

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I could not add the feature-request tag to a topic I did not start, hence my post. Delete if incorrect protocol.

You don’t even need to add the “feature-request” tag. We read every post closely, so we don’t need the tag to tell us whether or not a thread contains a feature request.