FR. put vsts in midi modifier slots

There are plenty of VSTs that output really good midi. Would be great if they could go directly in a midi slot without having to route it around.

What? No.
My VST’s are outputting audio…


Any example, please?

I use Reason rack vst and output midi from Players into Cubase. I have also used the sequencer in Pigments to control other instruments. There are loads of VST that output midi.


Do they create a virtual MIDI Port? If yes, you could set this virtual MIDI Port as an Input of other track in Cubase, or am I wrong? Some VST (effects) create virtual MIDI Port, so you can control the VST from a MIDI/Instrument Track then.

Another way is to drag and drop the MIDI Pattern from the plug-in to the MIDI/Instrument Track in Cubase.

Yes , I can route the midi within Cubase sequencer. I do this frequently. Which is why my feature request is to be able to drop the VST into the midi insert and have the midi output routed automatically to the instrument track .

Clearly this isn’t a concept widely understood in Cubase land.


If I understand you right, the answer to my question:

is no, they don’t. Am I right?

Actually, some do (BFD3 example)… :

I wasn’t aware that virtual midi ports resided inside VSTs. But if they do or they don’t , I’m not a software developer and I’m not writing a dissertation on DSP. I merely have a feature request that I would find useful. Either vote it up or ignore it, I don’t care. I don’t need people telling me VST don’t output midi, because they do. Or that the current situation doesn’t allow it, because I know that already.

You feature request is nonsense…
That’s why Martin tried to clarify that there are already possibilities to work with this kind of stuff…
But to insert a VST instrument to an audio insert slot would not cure your problem…
or to insert an VST instrument into a MIDI insert slot would not help in any way either…

If you are not willing to try to understand what is happening in your context we are not able to help you and your feature request will lead to nothing.

So I will ignore it… and I do care…


Yes, this is what I would expect. Thank you @cubic13.

Therefore it’s not on Cubase side. Cubase can handle it. It’s on the plug-in side to provide this feature.

Yep, we’re on the same track : all is about how plug-ins/VSTis designers manage this.

Actually, Cubase manage this in a rather meaningful way : after this, all is about how each VSTi designers implement an eventual MIDI output ability. I like BFD3 for this, as it eventually allows me to use other sounds than the bundled one, thanks to the way FXPansion has done it. This said, I’m still not sure about how your FR could be implemented without the necessary routing stuff : we have to deal with it, one way or another…