[FR] Quick set up of mixer view

I would like to be able to ctrl click tracks in the mixer OR in the edit window and then Right click and select

Create mixer view set from selected channels.

This will automatically hide all non selected tracks and open the mixer view naming dialog

I like this a lot. +1

Absolutely agree. No brainer workflow.


I would also like a next/previous mixer view function that I can assign to a key or button.

I use the mackie mcu, I have made good use of the mixer view buttons and have learned to live with only 8.

but I’d use more if I could


And right-clicking the track(s) and assign it with checkboxes to the viewsets you want it present in.
The menu coud look something like
View 1
View 2

Set all
Clear all

I find the “can hide” feature too cumbersome with large number of tracks. If you want to clear the “can hide” flag from one track you have to make all visible then sift trough all tracks to find it, clear the flag, and make them again invisible. Then overwrite the viewset… That’s a waste of time when I can just right-click it in timeline and check a box.

agreed with original post…

Most annoying this about current behavior is new tracks automatically show up in all saved mixer view sets (default is unhidden)! Now I have to go to every mixer view, hide the track, and resave the view… too much work.

Honestly the Protools implementation of mixer groups works for me too.

On a side note, I’ve toyed around with the idea of a more cohesive track workflow experience. Image this…
-create a folder
-put a few tracks in folder
-[new feature] all tracks & regions of tracks in folder take the color of folder track
-[new feature] group channel for folder is auto-created, all tracks in folder auto-feed folder’s group channel
-[new feature] folder shows up in mixer as a group channel
-[new feature] folder channel in mixer can be expanded to reveal child tracks

I have the feeling this sort of auto-organziation, auto-subgrouping-folder would cut out a lot of window switching, mixer setup, group assigning, color assigning tasks from all our workflows.

I don’t think SB is listening anymore, at least not to us. we’re on our own.

If you use the euphonix controllers or Xkeys… the original idea might be able to be created with a long string macro.

I have a programmable game controller that I’m going to experiment with.

I like your folder idea too, but I think it should be a pref, not a standard

I have found an effective work around. I’m going to start a new thread…

I hate workarounds, almost as much as reach-arounds! Lol!!

This was the time killer for me too, the command string in the other thread bypasses it.