[FR] R128 LU-Metering

Really? I totally missed that… Sounds good…

Summer is too late. First compliant mixes will have to be delivered by the end of May here.

Will N6 have offline analysis as well?


i’ve been testing a couple of standalone apps:


around £1000 (but with a 15% per year additional fee for updates)

plus it’s probably worth checking this out
level one

I found these as well, but if n6 offers this kind of file based analysis it’s a PAIN to buy one of them just for 2-3 months…


You might get away with vsonics vmeter. There are a few caveats, but it’s dirt-cheap though:

It does LKFS and not R128
It doesn’t hold on silence so you have to reset it if you have silence in your program
It also doesn’t do offline reading of files

But it’s dirt-cheap!

Isn’t the Toneboosters cheaper?

FWIW, the gating is an essential part of the R128 metering, the gate kicks in whenever audio is below a certain thereshold, which is not the same as silense …


Tonebooster is great, I mixed severeal projects in between, and it is a great help.
But there is no offline-processing and no chance to zoom out the LU-graph like in vislm.
So after mixing I always have to do a realtime(!) LU-check…

I’m dreaming of a RTW-like meter plugin, where I can have a
and LU-Metering (incl Graph!)
on one sight.
Just everything you need for mixing a film or television programm.

p.s.: And not forgetting the possibility to do true-peak-limiting!

I actually emailed vsonics and asked about adding the features needed for compliance with R128 (which I think ends up making it 1770-2…) plus offline processing and haven’t heard back. I’m guessing this is a small operation unfortunately. It would have been fantastic to have had that metering at such a low price.

Steinberg released a free metering plugin.

info here…


Brilliant! Now if it would develop itself to include also offline processing :slight_smile:)

Bye / Tumppi

Hi Tumppi,

that…might be possible in future :wink:


Cool. Now I only wish that upcoming N6 will be a stable and bugless release (as bugless as a software can be :wink: )
totally OT: What about the reverence recall issue? Any news?
Bye / Tumppi

Surround Goniometer … you mean the “jelly fish”-display?