FR: rall final tempo

It would be great if instead of/or as well as we could specify the final tempo in absolute terms, not a percentage. I feel sure others may feel the same way.


You can do this by using the Tempo editor, if that helps for now?

If this is possible in the Key Editor, would it be possible to provide the possibility in the Properties panel as well to have Dorico do the %-change calculation?

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I imagine there’s an internal reason why the Dorico team has designed this for the Tempo View but not for the Write View.

But it sure would be optimal when Writing to be able to input final tempos in BPMs. If percentages are required for internal purposes, would it be possible to have Dorico calculate that conversion? The user inputs a BPM (music-speak), and Dorico calculates and internally uses a percentage value (computer-speak). Doesn’t Dorico already know the first BPM value? Why put that on the user to break his music-speak focus and go into computer-speak mode?

Again, I imagine it’s more complicated than that, or this would have been implemented some time ago.


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