FR: Record patterns as MIDI in real time?

Hi. Is there a way to record the output of GA4.2’s performance pads as MIDI in real time? If not, then this is a feature request!

I know a pattern may already be dragged to the Project page but this doesn’t take account of any intensity/complexity movements.

And when simply recording the MIDI output from GA4, it doesn’t seem to record each individual hit as a MIDI note — I get a mix of kick, snare, tom and cymbal hits, and some sort of performance trigger for hats. Whereas I want to have individual notes for hat open, hat close etc so that I can map everything to whatever drum library I choose.

It’s not that the sounds are bad in GA4.2 are not bad, but I have much better options. Whereas I think the performance side of GA4 is about the best there is.