FR: regarding adjustment of LV ties

One quick request regarding LV ties:
I’d like to be able to reposition them as a whole, just as you can with a slur when you don’t have a particular anchor point selected. As it stands now, if you need to nudge a LV tie for whatever reason, you have to adjust each point individually which makes it difficult to get an exact match.

Like it or hate it, I run into this regularly in my chant scores when I indicate that the organist should hold certain pitches while the melody changes. We are dealing with fluid time, so note values are all relative and it is clearer to leave certain notes out under the assumption that they are simply being held. As you can see in the example below, even if the default placement of the LV tie in the alto voice is “correct”, it looks very odd relative to TB, hence my desire to make it match the others. Alternatively I’d be happy with an option to simply have LV ties always appear after the notehead as they do in the TB voices.

Thanks for considering!

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Engrave Options > Ties doesn’t give you anything you can use?

No. There are only two options regarding LV ties and neither apply.

And lest anyone suggest this next, this option does not seem to affect LV ties.

While my feature request still stands, can anyone riddle me this?

I had to work from home today since they are waxing the floors at the office. Consequently, I’m on my home computer. I’m working on another psalm and I’ll be darned if I had a similar situation but the default result was different. A few days ago the alto D gave me one result, but now I get this (preferred).

Anyone have any guesses which setting is causing my work computer to give the example posted above but my home to give this by default?
Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 2.52.25 PM

You’d need to have a careful look at the saved engraving options on each project, I think. (We are planning to add tools to help you to determine the differences between different engraving options in separate projects in future versions.)

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