FR: regarding lyric baselines

When I’ve adjusted lyric baselines by nudging them up or down, and then I make a small modification to a protruding element (usually a stem), the entire staff spacing shifts. It really messes me up, because I have to re-adjust everything then.

I would really prefer that, if I’ve made manual adjustments to lyric baselines, Dorico would turn off automatic staff respacing when protruding elements are modified.

That sounds a bit grumpy and it’s not. I’m loving the entire workflow. This is just something I’m repeatedly running into.

I would suggest you switch this off yourself, which you can do on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options.


Daniel, do you mean “Automatically resolve collisions between adjacent staves and systems”? That’s no good, I’m afraid. My layout goes bananas!

That is indeed what I mean. If you switch that off, then Dorico will always position every staff and system at the positions determined by the settings under Ideal Gaps on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options, with justification as appropriate. This disables collision avoidance between staves and systems, so that you can be 100% certain that moving a lyric (or indeed anything else) will not cause the vertical spacing to change.

OK, I understand. I was referring to something different… In general, I do greatly benefit from automatic spacing, up until the point that I have manually adjusted lyric baselines. From that point forward, it would be nice to turn off further automatic adjustments.

Similar example is lyric spacing. I start with some automatic lyric spacing, maybe set to 1/4 of a space distance between. Then before I begin note spacing adjustments, I select all lyrics, bump left, bump right. That prevents any further shifting of note spacing because the lyrics now all have offset values that act as an override. I was just thinking it would be nice if this sort of thing applied to baselines as well: once they’re adjusted, automatic collision avoidance stops.