[FR] remoting offline plugins

I wonder if there will ever be a chance to remotecontrol offline plugins?

Since Nuendo’s offline processing is one of the biggest strength compared to the competition, I really use it very much in every session (particularly restoration plugs in location sounds and fx-plugins for sound design).

It would be great if those plugins could be remoted by generic midi, mackie or eucon protocol some day…


By the way, you CAN remote them if they are Automapped and you use a novation controller. I do it here.

you CAN remote them if they are Automapped and you use a novation controller

Really?? I thought automap would only work with nuendos integrated tools? Do it also work with third party (VST2 & VST3) plugs? Then I’ll get a Novation controller tomorrow…!

Edit: Does anybody know if those new small steinberg controller can be mapped to offline processing?

  1. automap 4+ is buggy and they broke a few things that worked great before ( you can still download 3.7.4, do it now so you have it)
  2. You can control nuendo plugs, 3rd party plugs, vst2, vst3, jbridged etc
  3. 64bit nuendo plugs need a bit of a work around, but they do work
  4. Surround panner is also controlable, BUT, automap makes the little ball in the panner disappear, you can no longer see where stuff is just by looking at it, I don’t use it.
  5. I use generic midi buttons to open and close plug in editors on the selected track. that puts the plug in focus triggering automap to load it. So hitting the button will basically tell the Novation to control insert 1 or whatever you choose. Speeds things up a lot

Once all your plugs are wrapped, they will map the controller when they are in focus, whether that is real time or offline.

Another bonus is plug in mapping… all plugs will default to whatever order they are in… but you can totally customize it and save it as the new default.

Thanks very much, Jesse, that really sounds good!
I will get one this weekend and give it a try!