FR: Rename current project?

Hey everyone, I wanted to share my perspective on the topic. There are advantages to focusing solely on Mac products, like Logic Pro. The fact that it’s bug-free and runs smoothly on Mac is a testament to this. Additionally, it helps reduce costs and allows developers to focus solely on Mac compatibility. I’ve only purchased Logic Pro once and never had to pay for an update or upgrade. Currently, the situation with Dorico reminds me of the challenges with Android, where every version needs to be tested on numerous devices resulting in fragmentation. Of course, this is my opinion, and I could be wrong. Peace! :v:t2:

I would like you to give Mac M1 or a higher chance with Dorico for a week or month.

From my experience, there is a notable improvement in performance and smoothness compared to using a PC.

I love/use/appreciate PCs for gaming and other tasks, but Mac shines regarding music software.

Dorico and music programs run much smoother and faster on Macs than on Windows. I want to emphasize that I have nothing against PCs; this is my opinion, and I am entitled to share it.

No one is saying that you’re not entitled to share your opinion but that doesn’t mean there are no consequences. Opinions can offend or hurt people. In this case, I can imagine that someone that has invested in their operating system of choice might be annoyed at your opinion and be offended that you recommend that their beloved engraving program be discontinued on their system.


I don’t think Windows users need to worry that Dorico will no longer support their operating system in the future. In a thread “Windows versus OS X” from July 2021, Daniel reported that the user ratio Mac/PC is about 60:40. It’s hard to imagine Dorico/Steinberg wanting to give up 40% of their clientele.

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You mean, the feature request of renaming a current project? Because this is the actual topic of this thread.
Stop preaching, please.


I’m a Mac user myself. And have been for 36 years… But hey, you’re comparing apples and oranges here! Logic Pro is developed by… Apple (limitless development time) and we know Dorico is developed by a little (but very talented) team. I don’t think this is a valid point, sorry. I apologize for even taking part of this thread hack :wink:


Logic is written by Apple, and while it has a price, it does not need to be profitable on its own. It is not a business model for third-party developers. And if you think there are no bugs in it…

Dorico uses a software framework called Qt, which creates code for both Windows and MacOS from one source, thus minimizing any duplication of effort. There’s no advantage for the team to focus exclusively on one platform, at the cost of 40% of the userbase.

Users do switch platforms, but it’s not done lightly. Users will have many applications, not just Dorico. Not every app may be available on the other side, and you might have to buy alternatives, and convert your documents. Plus the cost of the time spent learning the different ways of doing things. On top of the all-new hardware.

“Just spend $3000 and learn a whole new way of doing things” is not good advice – particularly in answer to “I want to rename a document while using it”.


Inveterate mac user (with a windows laptop for good measure) here. I have to say, this one gave me a chuckle this morning. I use Studio One (on mac) and LOVE IT. It is also perfectly stable. I guess my example is a testament to… the fact that it’s great that I can use Dorico and studio one on multiple devices and platforms!

Anyways, I support the rename request. I have some older files I have to reference that predate my current filing scheme. I would gladly update them from within the app, rather than my file browser, if given the option to.

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This whole conversation is so ridiculous. No Mac - or any platform - is the best solution for all users. I develop games for small studio and its naive to suggest a Mac has a place anywhere in that environment for a hundred reasons. The standard is PC’s because they’re the best.

Talking about a single person doing music - your use case - there’s a case to be made for that. But not for me, I did that for decades but with Apple moving to consumer hardware finally left and didn’t look back. My day job is on an ARM platform, and the M series chips are magical and Apple did nothing special other than tailer the whole system to give you great single threaded performance, for the express purpose of selling you hardware that is cheap for them to make, and is low power.

I still like Apple for mobile stuff - iPhone and iPad - really all they’re doing these days is making mobile class hardware anymore. Which is a great solution for many use cases, but ya gotta pay dearly for it.

But hey my opinion, who cares?

Ha ha… that’s a good one.

Haha wow, a Mac vs PC flame war was the last thing I expected to see on this forum (and advertised in the newsletter to boot).

When that is said, the only advantage I can think of with a unix system is that it does not lock the files when in use (though this has recently been made possible with windows as well, although I don’t know the exact mechanism). But doesn’t it still have to be manually implemented in a program no matter the operating system?

Big fan of the feature request btw. I use this A LOT with text editors, and it is super convenient!

I am also a long time Windows user, and have used a variety of DAWS and the predecessor Sequencers in the 80’s.
Mac’s have always had a fairly high price, and my work as a developer was requiring Windows development tools. So it never made sense to me - to buy a Mac and have windows.
I have used Macs a few times for some documentation tools - and I really appreciate how stable they have been for people.
The One comment made in a few places was that Apple Wrote Logic - and that is not quite true. It used to be on both Windows and Apple, and it started life on the Atari. I remember thinking I would buy the Logic tool- and then Apple bought it and support for the Windows version was pulled.
I was not going to buy a Mac for just getting Logic. Apple increased their revenue by the purchase of the company that produced Logic - one post said it was 2Billion.

If Steinberg stopped supporting Windows - and only did Mac - that would be the last straw - and I would be forced into a major expenditure that I would see as needed for continuing with my Music efforts.

There is History on the Logic product in this post

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