FR: render to higher channel numbers

This would be gold in my opinion, if your source clip is mono, and you DOP it with a 4 ch or 5.1 reverb, there should be an option to just hit apply and render to a 5.1 clip directly. Or mono to stereo or whatever, would save inches of time.

Yes you can do that, and not just to 5.1 but ambisonics as well as 7.1.2

I’m talking about directly from DOP.

Dop is clipbased

Yeah… maybe you should read my first post again…?

What I meant was that you can do it without a recourse to DOP as it is clip specific that is it applies directly to clip that is on your drive which can be mono or stereo or 5.1 and the output will always be clip specific. You will need a multichannel bus to achieve that.which clips are not. Still its very simple to get the same results in Nuendo that you seek. And its even more straightforward in Wavelab. DOP is great to feed cleaned up signal into compressor or a multichannel reverb bus so that you don’t have mud reverberating all around.