FR - Repeat endings, structures, etc

Some of this has come up before, but I’d love to see a few different options for repeat endings, repeat structures, etc.

  1. I’d love to see an option to automatically shorten repeat endings that collide with a rehearsal mark. I get situations like this all the time …

… and they always have to be manually edited to get something like this:

There are tricks with making Global edits that fix the majority of them and then Local for the rest, but this seems like a common enough situation that there could be a setting to have Dorico automatically adjust it. I don’t want the “Open, short” setting in Repeat Endings/Segments, but the “Open, full length” setting with the end automatically adjusted if needed to avoid a Rehearsal Mark.

  1. The Repeat Endings/Design settings really need some sort of part vs score adjustments. The ending hook is specified in spaces, but obviously that can’t account for legible ending text sizes in both parts and score, when scores are typically using a much smaller rastral size. If I like the repeat design in the part examples above, and use a fixed text size so the text is legible in the score, it turns out like this in the score, where the ending hook is significantly too short.:

The ending hook is specified in spaces for that staff, and obviously can’t be correct for both parts and score when using a fixed size. Perhaps this could be moved out of Engraving Options and into Layout Options as layouts using different rastral sizes will almost certainly need different settings here.

  1. I frequently need multi-line D.S. instructions. System text usually won’t work because it will break a multibar rest. The good thing is that I can type the text in one of the larger Project Info boxes, copy and paste it into the Repeat Markers / Custom Text box, and the line breaks are preserved. Unfortunately, there’s no collision avoidance with the bottom line of text then. I’m not entirely sure of what I’m asking for here, but it would be great if there was more support for multi-line Repeat Structure, both with collision avoidance and ease of input.

Thanks for considering!