FR - Repeat Structures right panel

When opening the right panel, is there any point to having Create Slash Region and Create Bar Repeat Region hidden under drop-downs? If there was a long drop-down list that ate up too much screen space then I could understand it, but they are both the only items in their respective drop-downs. All the drop-down does is create additional clicks for the user for no apparent reason, as they appear closed the first time a user opens that panel in any given project. As a feature request, it would be nice if these drop-downs were automatically open as they are for all other elements in the Repeat Structures panel. At least as currently implemented, those two drop-downs could be eliminated altogether as they each only contain one item, but perhaps there are more features are planned on being added.

I agree; it’s also the same with “insert bar rest”. Admittedly the latter function should be used rarely, but it seems odd to have to uncover a button just to press it when the button could simply be displayed in its own right. I also feel very oddly that string articulations are always maximized.