[FR]Reset timeline

I may be missing something obvious here, but I’d find it really useful to be able to easily locate a point on the timeline in relation to another point.

So I’m at an event at point A and want to go to an event exactly 1’58" further on - is there any way to do this other than doing a mental calculation in my head? How about a ‘Relative timebase’ option alongside Bars/beats and Mins/seconds - and a reset button to set the timeline at the current cursor position to zero…

You can have multiple rulers, in multiple formats.
See the “add” -menu.


Here’s a work around…

slower than the added feature you’re talking about
faster than mental calculations

I always keep blank work tracks in my sessions, I use one these, create an empty region and in the info line tell it to be exactly as long as I need it to be. If the length I want to punch in is in a different time measurement, like BPM vs timecode or something like that… I right click the main ruler, and temporarily switch it.

you can also do this same technique with cycle markers

hi, but dont’ they all start their zero or initial point at 1.1.0 or time


Offset for rulers is a long standing feature request.


Richard, thanks for asking that, I thought that was the case but was going to check first!

Being able to offset a second ruler would do it for me.

as it would for me too.