FR: Respect octave transposition when duplicating to staff above/below

The duplicate to staff above/below functions are very handy when entering orchestral music, but would be ever better if they respected octave transpositions.

This most commonly occurs when duplicating from the Cellos down into the basses. Currently after duplicating you have to then select the bass notes and transpose them down an octave. If instead when the there is an implicit octave transposition in the staff being duplicated to, such that the duplicated notes end up at the same written pitch instead of the same sounding pitch, that’d save work.

The duplicated notes should be automatically selected.
Assign the shortcut M to Duplicate to Staff below. Then it’s M↓ Done.

Dear Tyler,
I understand your request and yes, it could save me a key stroke : I assigned keypad +/- to shift octaves up/down.
Dear Craig, I am afraid I don’t understand your answer… I am quite confident that Tyler already has a shortcut for duplicate to staff above/below.