FR: Rest positioning in condensed staves

See attached screenshot. The indicated Oboe 1 rests have (correctly) flown to outer space to avoid the high notes in Oboe 2 but visually, they could move towards the staff quite a lot, especially when vertical space is at a premium. However, because they’re auto-generated, I can’t select them to edit the “Rest pos.” property, nor have I found any Engraving Rule or Notation Option that affects them.

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+1 Same issue for me. Rests could often be much closer to the staff than they often are in condensing scores. Maybe have a setting for minimum distance to notes in other parts?

We do of course plan to make it possible to select and edit rests in condensed staves in future. In the meantime, try setting the ‘Position of rests against notes in an opposing voice’ option on the Rests page of Notation Options to ‘Consider only notes and rests at the same position’, if it’s not already set that way, or consider using condensing changes to force those bar rests to be hidden by changing the options for how Dorico should handle inactive players through that passage. Neither of those is of course an ideal solution, and nor do I pretend that it is.

I’d like to add some other aspects to this issue.

If you select the rests and enable the Force position and duration property in the Notes and Rests section while uncondensed (e.g. in Write mode with Galley view enabled) they will be selectable when switching back to condensed view. However, enabling and setting the Rest pos. property then has no power over the rest’s position, nor does the Offset property in the Common section.

Also, situations like this might occur, while the rests are still immovable:
Screenshot 2021-05-02 005153 Condensing rest position

Yes, rests are currently completely non-editable in condensed music, even if they are explicit rests in the source music. As I have said both in this thread and elsewhere, we know this needs to be addressed.

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