FR: Restate accidental when seen in a new voice

I was hoping for a new option for cautionary accidentals with the new condensing feature: “Restate accidental when seen in a new voice”.
This was possible in Sibelius and is one of the very few things I’m missing in Dorico compared to Sibelius.
I write a lot of music for amateur singers and musicians and they tend to follow only their own voice instead of all voices in the staff.
Keep my fingers crossed …

I agree this would be useful when condensing is active, but that’s more or less the only time this would be appropriate. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot easily use different accidental rules on condensed staves for boring technical reasons, but hopefully this will become possible in future.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your answer. The option would also be useful for me on normal staves with more than one voice (mainly two voice).

I still hope for cautionary accidentals in a different voice. This is one of the things I really miss from Sibelius and I was told that even Finale is able to do this no. And I hope, that it will be available in condensed and in normal systems.

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Works so well condensing, but it’s true that it’s also useful for normal mono instruments with more than one voice, single or multiple players (sometimes 2 horns that change instrument must be defined as single even if they are two :wink: )

This is a screenshot of a work I made, were the result is really perfect!