FR: Retain tablature when changed to slash voice

Hi team!

I’d like to propose a feature for guitar notation:
When I change existing notes to a slash voice, the accompanying tablature should remain unchanged, since the notes fretted are still valid and exist underneath the slashes (and can even be played back, if desired).
If the starting point ist just slash notation, I can understand Dorico putting slashes into the tab staff, BTW… :wink:

Thanks for considering!
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I don’t think this would be the right way to achieve this. Perhaps we could at some point in the future have a feature that would allow you to specify whether or not a slash region should appear on both notation and tab, but this is different to converting an existing voice into a slash voice, of course.

Hey Daniel,

thx for your answer!
I was careful to make a distinction between a slash voice and a region, since TAB would be less useful in a slash region as I see it, since a slash region implies much greater freedom of interpretation.
I for one would be bewildered to find a piece with e.g. stemless slashes, chord symbols and detailed TAB underneath containing information WHERE to play something when I’m supposedly given the freedom to decide WHAT to play.

But maybe with respect to my original request, here’s my use case:
In a rock context, I’d like to notate, say, a C5 power chord with a slash voice and use TAB underneath to specify the position on the neck.
Or more generally, indicate rhythmic chords with voicing/position suggestion in TAB.

But in the meantime, I can of course use slash with Roman numerals for positions!

Thx for your time, all the best,