FR: RMS Meters

Hello Steinberg Team,

I would like to have the option to switch all meters in the mixer windows to rms /peak meters (bars show rms, lines show peak) with rms being rbl weighted.

The current peak meters do not assist much neither in mixing nor in mastering.

Regards, Mikael

+! Yes that would be very useful!

See next post, please…


Even better:
Offer a lot more possibilities as well (K20,14,…) :smiley:


I agree… :exclamation: I am mixing with K12 / K14 just didn’t dare to ask too much right away.

But yes: RBL weighted rms / peak meter with K 12 / 14 /20 scale option, that’s what I need.


Totally agree with Mikael.
Personally I never use the Cubase metering system for the lack of RMS metering (and some other stuff).
I think Cubase’s level meters are a bit poor. Not all the meters have to be very extensive. But it would be nice if the metering on the master channels had a bit more features like:

  • Standard RMS metering (in the middle or outside of the master channel’s meter).
  • Stereo split db information of the highest value (unlike the single combined info we have now below the meter).
  • Simple correlation meter.
  • Adjustable db range/scale, for instance only show from -18db to 0db (would be nice for all channels to monitor the levels a bit more exact).
  • Show Valleys (on all channels). Not a must have, but could be handy sometimes.

Luckily their are some great metering tools out there, so the lack of those features isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but I think some would be very welcome additions though :sunglasses: