[FR] Save more amounts of specific settings and window arrangements with each session.

There are certain things in Nuendo which are not saved per session, and these things are all very unique to each session. The following would make a significant difference if they were saved per session:

  1. Arrangement, size, and open/close state of the Right Zone
  2. Arrangement and size of the divided track list on top
  3. Last quantize setting used
  4. Directory where the last audio export was made

These are so often individual/unique per each project in varying degrees, so let’s please have them saved with each project. It would save a lot of time re-entering, re-arranging and moving things around when you switch to another session.

There are probably others, so everyone please chime in if you have another that you feel is very important to save for each session, and I’ll re-update the main list.