[FR] Save "record enabled" track property with project

Currently (Cubase 10.0.60 and 15.0.20), tracks that are “record enabled” are not saved with the project.

I know. I wanted to do this many times with specific corporate templates and band templates. I learnt a long time ago that although you can make a template, you can’t save and have record enabled status saved or monitoring status saved. This just a waste of time when loading a tracking template. You have to rearm everything and double check you haven’t missed a track/microphone. It also doesn’t make sense to re-enable monitoring on every track on a template after you open it if you’re monitoring within Cubase.

Also, I don’t know why you can’t save templates that ignore any audio tracks in the pool. You basically have to save to new project, and delete all the audio tracks in the pool, then save the template if you don’t want the template to include prior audio tracks. Again, that makes creating a tracking template more difficult than it should be.

Anybody knows if this has been fixed in Cubase 11?

In Cubase 10 if you enable record in a few tracks, save the project and reopen it, they are not restored. Most people have the option that enables record for the selected track but for those of us with more complex setups, re-enabling record for each relevant track every time that we open the project is a terrible waste of time.