FR: Show page as printed

Hi -

This may be a crazy request, but in my days as a graphic designer, in Illustrator you could hold down the TAB key and it would remove the guides and frames and such. I got very used to this and found it helpful to find errors and left over stuff.

I think it might be helpful in Dorico too. If, when in Engrave mode, you could press TAB and have all the grids, signposts, highlights and all go away so you can see what it will look like when printing. Just a thought.


Yes, I agree that this would be useful and it’s something we plan to implement in future.

Thanks Daniel -

(Might I just add a HUGE thank you to you and the team - 1 for developing such a great program. but 2 - When do you ever sleep? Seems like you are on this forum constantly and always so helpful. My hats off to you!)

Thanks for the kind words. It’s true, I don’t sleep a great deal. But my loss is your gain :wink: