[FR] "Show used only" checkbox in Plug-in information

I don’t understand why this tiny but VERY handy feature was removed from C6 / C5 whereas SX2 / SX3 did have it?

Started with C4.

Not exactly what you’re asking for I know, but you can now at least sort the list via the column headings - so, you could have them in alphabetical order (by name) or by manufacturer/vendor, or in your case have all the used ones (those with a tick) at the top of the list… :slight_smile:


Really? Didn’t know that as I skipped C4 completely.

You can do that since SX3…

It is something handy they have removed, I too would like this feature brought back. :angry:

You’re right of course - sorry; should have taken that ‘now’ out, that stayed there from an earlier draft… :blush:

The sorting helps, but if you’re wanting support for bringing the checkbox back, well here’s a +1 from me… :slight_smile: