[FR] Simple Sampler. 1 Channel and 1 out + granular

I was a bit disappointed when i didn’t see a new simple sampler in the new plugins list of cubase 8 as i had requested for 7 . So i would like to request again … A simple sampler added to the native plugins to quickly drop any sample and have synth/granular features. 1 Channel 1 Output

In my opinion having to use halion or groove agent is not an option to me, i tend to find it complex for something that should be really simple and creative tool.

Were you aware you can do this with groove agents SE /4
Slice an audio file in the editor (hitpoints slice)
And then select and drag the slices onto your pads in groove agent SE / 4

Trigger with your mapped midi devices or the midi track piano roll or drum map.

I think Mr Ondo did a Club Cubase hangout on this topic and posted it on YouTube.

thank you! i forgot to mention Groove Agent. will update the topic. i am aware.

How much easier do you want??
It’s really simple!
Take a minute (OK. 15 minutes or so) and watch a few videos on the product.

You really just drag a sample onto a pad.
You can also create (and edit) your slices right inside Groove Agent and have them auto mapped to pads/notes!

GA is fully capable of the very simple to the quite complex and IMHO is definitely one of the best integrated “samplers” out there.

If I’m recording a mic’ed instrument production I will usually sample every instrument used in separate projects saved under a band/album folder. Come mix time I use those samples in Groove Agent VERY often! (excellent tool for
when you really have to “fix it in the Mix!”)

what i am sugesting is something like this:


Now that we have a beautiful DAW for mixing and editing.

We need REAL tools for EDM producers. Bring it on Steinberg.

If you want a simple sampler you can always get the free Tx16Wx sampler at http://www.tx16wx.com

thank you for the sugestion, but that is not a simple sampler.


granular // simple sample

works with everything…

can turn a snare into a lush pad

can also be used to just play a snare… it can have 4 separate layers, drag and drop from the arrangement window / media bay.

isn’t it an heavy weight for a light task? i should try the demo tho.

it is a bit of a heavy weight yeh,

but i tend to disable all the fancy stuff and save a ‘blank’ pre-set with just a sinewave and drop in any samples i want to use…

give it a go hope it works for you

yeee. i whant to move over to abelton or FL. those DAWS hawe super cool ways to do super easy tricks. an super simpel sampler,super simpel cide chain, super easy pich and so on… in cubase it takes all day to do! :laughing:

You need to try Groove Agent SE4. It is all the sampler anyone should ever need and a marvelous one at that. Padshop is a granular synthesizer. You can drag and drop samples to it if you upgrade it.

+1 … as a workaround I’m using Tal Sampler and Kontakt but drag and drop from Cubase doesn’t work :confused:

Can someone tell me whats not simple enough about dragging an audio snip into Kontakt window and the job is complete

It doesn’t work from cubase. From windows browser or almost any other DAW yeah but not from Cubase directly. Project window and Mediabay :frowning: