FR: Skip/ignore grace notes during lyrics input

I know there are clear and definite use cases for lyrics on grace notes, so this would be more of a toggle. But in classic opera and other vocal music, lyrics are (almost) never attached to grace notes. Therefore, when inputting lyrics you always have to remember to hit the right arrow a precise number of times, in order to make the next lyric attach to the main note without having an extender line under the grace notes.

So, purely as a quality-of-life thing I would love a setting to have the popover skip all grace notes during lyrics input, and also to only write extender lines under them if the lyric extends to the next full-size note.


Agree. This has been requested before, and there’s a simple workaround – see this thread from 2017.

Apologies, I did search the forum and find that thread, but in skimming it didn’t notice this specific FR was already in there. Consider it a +1, then.