[FR] Slip edit on Group events...

I like the new Slip edit option, that’s very useful when edit 2 events (the ending of the one and the beginning of the other).
So, I don’t know if it’s a bug or it’s not implemented yet, when we’ve Group events it doesn’t work on multiple tracks…

Sure it does. As long as the tracks line up. Once you slice them all at the same point. I’m sure someone else will explain this more clearly.

Sorry, wrong term I used Group Edit (now I edited).

On Group events it doesn’t work…

Select 3 tracks, group them. Then slice it on the middle, then slip on the cut part.
Result: it just slips on the one track that I’ve slipped…

Slip edit isn’t a new feature, it’s been around for quite a while.

If you select multiple events either on the same track or across multiple tracks they all slip together.

Also if you have the tracks in a folder with the folder edit on, they all get selected and slip together without having to select first.

So I suppose it just doesn’t work with grouping?

I don’t remember having it on C5… Hope we’re talking the same thing… I’ll post a pic later…

The only thing from the above thats new to C6 is the folder Edit button.

If you try to slip an event that has no more room at the end or beginning of the event (depending on which way you’re slipping) it wont work!

I think you will need all events selected.

Make sure there is space within the container to allow the wave to slip. If it reaches either end it won’t slip.